About me

Passionate about technology and lover of photography for several decades, I decided a few years ago to put these passions at the service of my clients.

I discovered this passion when I was born and raised in beautiful French Normandy.

The surrounding nature offers wonderful landscapes. After living near Bordeaux and in Paris, I decided to settle in Germany.

The same goes for real estate photos. I really want to collaborate with my clients so that the good that will be in the photos is as beautiful as it actually is.

That’s why the style and techniques of real estate photography practiced by Californians Rich Baum and Nathan Cool suit me perfectly.

Finally, immersed in the field of IT for over 25 years, it is no wonder that I am drawn to 360 degree photography and virtual tours.

For me, a photo shoot, whether for corporate portraitsHeadshotreal estate photography or virtual tours is a real collaboration between my client and me.

Together, we create our photos to Make It Matter

Real estate photographer Kaiserslautern