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Is Metaverse the future for real estate agencies?


Facebook … oh no! Sorry ! META … has embarked on his crazy and revolutionary project of creating a virtual world.

Over the next few months or years, META will hire nearly 10,000 engineers in Europe. These engineers will become the builders, the masons, of this new world. Marco Polo 2.0.
In this new world, we will be able to attend concerts … among 500 million other spectators. You can play in the biggest casinos in the world, surrounded by 750,000 slot machines … and without having to queue!

But you can also go to stores and do your shopping without having to wait for the other 2 million customers to check out.

VR device for METAVERSE

We could just as easily visit a house … at the same time as 2000 other potential buyers! And all this of course … without having to show your health pass and be part of the vaccines or cured!

To “live” in this world, you just need to create your avatar. Then to evolve in this virtual world you will have to wear virtual reality glasses (such as Oculus go and Quest for example) or sit in front of your computer, your tablet and even your smartphone.

Facebook is convinced that it is in virtual worlds that business will be done in the (near) future.

But Facebook isn’t the only one who believes in this new world. The biggest TECH companies in Silicon Valley are behind this virtual world project.

METAVERSE AND the sale of real estate

So how can METAVERSE influence the sale of real estate?
You just have to realize the obstacles that stand in the way of buyers, sellers and of course real estate agencies.

The problem of availability of people: It is not always easy to be free to be able to visit a house. It is just as difficult for a real estate agent to make himself available at the times that are most favorable to the clients. With a virtual world, you are much more available. You only need 3 hours in front of you to be able to: 1 – get there, 2- show the property, 3- return home or to your workplace. With the arrival of virtual worlds, including METAVERSE, and the presence of your Avatars, you will be dedicating the little time you have to visiting on its own.

The Distance Problem: Once the availability problem is resolved, it is easy to see that the distance problem will go away as well. Having a client in Frankfurt who plans to buy a villa in Mallorca is made more manageable when you can “virtually” get there … in 1 minute! 1 minute for a client with little time … isn’t that fantastic? And then less travel means less costs, right?

The problem of health security: Here too, it is now very easy to understand that the sale, or rather the visit, of real estate in the METRAVERSE will no longer be confronted with the problems related to COVID-19.

How real estate agencies can prepare for METAVERSE

The future is brewing now.

If the METAVERSE project is completely innovative, the technology already exists in part for real estate agents.

No need to wait for the creation of the first virtual worlds to acquire 360-degree virtual tours. These visits are already extremely immersive and offer links to a first experience of virtuality.
Whether from a virtual reality headset or from your computer, tablet or smartphone, it is already possible to visit a villa in Mallorca, to be able to chat by videoconference while the agent or the customer leads the visit. You can even take pictures of the great view during the visit to show the family later.

Yes, the METAVERSE project will surely disrupt real estate sales habits, and like any change, you need to be better prepared in advance. Driving change is not a thing to be taken lightly, and it would be best not to miss hopping on this coming train … the evolution train.

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