How a Real Estate Photographer Can Help You

From a research by IMOTO, a New Orleans, LA real estate photography company.


of participants believe that the front image is the most important image in the listing.

62 %

of real estate agents consider real estate photography “crucial”.

73 %

of participants agree that real estate photography helps them attract more clients

88 %

Agree that professional real estate photography is helping to increase the number of online listing.

How can you stand out from this competition, ensure the visibility of an ad, create a desire to read the description of the ad, and generate more visits?

This is where the expertise of a photographer specializing in real estate photography makes the difference.

By your side, he will know how to make your property stand out not only by the quality of the photos taken but also after carefully selecting the angles that highlight the property and depicting its dimensions, and using special lighting technology to ensure perfect color rendering.

In addition, this real estate photographer acts as a trusted third party to the real estate agency with whom he signed the contract.

As a result, he can pick up the keys to the property to be photographed or present himself directly to the owner present on site.

Once there, the lower number of people inside and the application of the theppropriate hygiene rules (regular disinfection of hands, wearing a mask and a shoe cover, etc.) significantly limit the risk of possible contamination.

In addition, the time that the photographer spends photographing the property is freed up so much time that the real estate agent can devote himself to his core business: property management.

Time savings … money savings.

Quality, bright photos, respect for colors and dimensions attract a lot more attention than photos taken with a smartphone … as good as it is.

Therefore, this results in more visits to an online ad or in an agency for photos printed and displayed in an agency. More visits logically means more potential buyers and faster sales/rentals.

Time-saving… money-saving.

The products delivered by the real estate photographer not only make it easier for the customer to imagine living in the house or apartment, but also to start their visit online.

For example, thanks to this 3D floor plan, in which the potential buyer can better imagine living in the house

When a real estate agent works with a real estate photographer, they send a strong message to their client by showing them the high level of appreciation they have for them.

Whether ownerarchitect, or investor, he commissions the real estate agency with a property that is valuable to him (emotionally or financially).

In the age of service, it is a strong signal to clients to demonstrate their seriousnessprofessionalism, and investment by working with a real estate photography professional.

To learn more about what a real estate photographer can bring you, visit my blog and read this article that I wrote.

4 reasons to choose a real estate photographer for your real estate photos

1- In less than 20 seconds, the buyer will love or reject your property

A 2012 study by the Behavioral and Experimental Real Estate Institute at Old Dominion University in Norfolk explains how a buyer can fall in love in seconds or never call property. The first few seconds are the most important.

An article (and video) posted on the Wall Street Journal website states that over 95% of final buyers viewed the first photo of the ad for a total of 20 seconds or more.

More than 20 seconds and it’s a crush! This photo is therefore essential.

2- A good real estate photo encourages the potential buyer to read the description of the property.

According to the same study conducted at Old Dominion University, if they liked the photo, 76% of ad visitors carefully read the ad afterwards.

This conclusion is perfectly logical. After confirming that the image of the proposed property suits their taste, the buyer will try to verify that the properties of the property meet their expectations. Are there really the number of rooms he needs? Is the size of the living room, the garden acceptable? Etc

3- Real estate photography allows you to sell faster

According to the French online property sales site, choosing ads with high quality photos (equivalent to immobilienscout24, for example) can save up to 21 days on sales.

4- Real estate agents who use a professional real estate photo earn twice as much as the rest

If professional photography has a significant impact on the speed and selling price, then it makes sense that it should also impact the revenues of the agent who uses it.

According to a 2015 study by Real Trends & Virtuance in the US, real estate professionals who use the services of a professional photographer would earn twice as much commission as those who don’t.


up to 100 sqm

€ 150,-

✅ up to 20 Fotos (indoor)

✅ Professional lighting

✅ Advanced editing

✅ 12h Turn around

101 – 150 sqm

€ 202,50

✅ up to 20 Fotos (indoor)

✅ Professional lighting

✅ Advanced editing

✅ 12h Turn around

151 – 200 sqm

€ 225,-

up to 20 Fotos (indoor)

✅ Professional lighting

✅ Advanced editing

✅ 24 h Turn around

over 200 sqm

€ 262,-

up to 25 Fotos (indoor)

✅ Professional lighting

✅ Advanced editing

24h Turn around