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Real estate photos: why use a flash?

Definition of the term: FLAMBIENT

When it comes to real estate photos, it is important that the photo accurately describes the property and the parts it consists of.

The “flambient” method consists of combining one or more photos taken with a flash with a photo taken in ambient light. (Flash + AMBIENT = FLAMBIENT).

The Flambient method is used more and more by real estate photographers (like Rich Baum or Nathan Cool).

We’ll first understand the problem with real estate photos taken in ambient light. Next, we’ll see what this method of real estate photography is.

Ambient light problem in real estate photography

The term photography means “drawing / writing with light”. It is therefore necessary to have one or more light sources available. With no additional light, the only available light is ambient light.

Depending on the time of day, this light is more or less strong. In addition, its angle varies depending on whether it is morning or afternoon, summer or winter.
When this light reflects off walls or parquet, it changes its color slightly.

In fact, as you can see in this photo, the light reflected on a wooden floor will take on a color similar to that of this parquet.
The light path does not stop when the bottom is reached. The light moves on through the room and reaches the walls … no longer “white” like the outside light, but “yellow” thanks to the wood of the parquet.

The walls therefore turn yellow in the photos. But what can be done to avoid this color problem and take real estate photos that respect real colors?

Respect of colors in real estate photography

To prevent the light from changing color and “polluting” the color of the walls, we need to add a much more powerful light source.

Indeed, changing the parameters of the camera and adding a flash succeeds in “killing” the ambient light.
This is replaced by the light of the flash.
A light whose power and position are mastered.

The flash is so much stronger than the ambient light that the small amount of color it accumulates when it comes into contact with the parquet is nothing compared to the flash.
The “collected” colors drown in the white light (or 5600K) of lightning.

The walls therefore remain in their original color. This also applies to the colors of the curtains or furniture. But why not just take pictures with the flash?

Mix the lights for the best real estate photo possible.

The disadvantage of real estate photos taken with the flash is that it often leaves very bright areas in the photos (where the flash was aimed).

Additionally, these photos tend to be very “flat” as there are almost no shadows due to the power of the flash.

So to get a real estate photo that best describes the space being photographed (real colors but preservation of shadows), you need to skillfully mix these two types of photos.

By combining the photos taken with flash and its excellent colors with those in the ambient light and its shadows, which give a three-dimensional appearance, we obtain high-quality real estate photos.


Although difficult to understand and learn (dose of the flash, positioning of the flash, setting for the photo in ambient light, knowing how to mix these photos), this technique is impressively effective.

When a photographer specializing in real estate photography has mastered this technique, the photos they produce will be of the highest quality.
These photos are perfect for luxury homes as well as homes owned by individuals looking to show off their property.

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